Land more pull requests with the Hacktoberfest Helpdesk

Posted on Sep 30, 2020 in

Hacktoberfest is an annual celebration of open source. During Hacktoberfest, participants are encouraged to contribute to open source projects. By completing 4 pull requests within the month you can earn some limited edition swag. Maintainers can also help new contributors take their first steps in open source by marking issues that are good for beginners with the `hacktoberfest` label on GitHub. 

Contributing to open source gives you the real-world experience you need. Hacktoberfest is a great time to do this, but sometimes it’s not all that easy to go it alone. That’s why, this Hacktoberfest, is hosting the Hacktoberfest Helpdesk. It is a new way to get help with contributing to open source. Bring your gnarliest issues and burning open source questions to the Helpdesk for, well, help. Questions submitted are answered live on Twitch by some of our Coaches as well as special guests from the community.

The Hacktoberfest Helpdesk will be streaming pair programming, Q&A sessions, and maintainer interviews on Twitch throughout the month. You can see our schedule on Twitch.

Head on over to to submit your questions and watch the livestream. If you’re interested in being a guest on the Helpdesk, you can volunteer to help out at

Written by Joe Nash | Community at
Joe is an award-winning expert in developer communities, previously helping developers at GitHub, PayPal, and Major League Hacking.

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