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Chelsea Kent

A Creative Full-stack Developer with a history in UI/UX Design and Product Management.

Developer Journey

I started my career with three years in Front-end development before moving towards working as a UX/UI designer for the last six years. Within the last six years I have also taken on the role as Product Manager for various early stage startups. I have worked for both established creative studios and startups, the latter being where I have focused my career.

Although I have founded and sold my own startup, have experience as a Senior UX/UI Designer, and have most recently been in management roles, I am beyond excited to get back into code again. As a part of that process I studied at Thinkful in their Engineering Immersion 5 month course as a way of diving into the deep end and accelerating my full-stack skillset.

Currently I am working on contract projects while upping my skills as a part of Raise.

My Tech Stack

Some of My Interests

  • being human
  • intentional doing as an art form
  • dancing
  • making music
  • writing
  • building things (digital & IRL)
  • machine learning
  • AI
  • time theories

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