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This Hacktoberfest, Raise.dev is here to help. get hired

Not sure where to start? Stuck on a tricky issue? Raise.dev is providing expert coaches to support your work in open source. The Raise.dev Hacktoberfest Helpdesk will be answering your questions live on Twitch. Submit a question below, or join us in Twitch chat or the Hacktoberfest Discord during office hours.

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How do I get help from the Help­desk?

The Raise.dev Hacktoberfest Helpdesk will be live throughout Hacktoberfest. You can check the schedule here for the next show.

During each show we’ll be answering submitted questions, taking questions live from the audience, and hosting workshops on common topics. As well as the Raise.dev Coaches, we’ll be joined by special guests and project maintainers, giving their unique insights and experience.


I want to help! How do I join the Help­desk?

If you’re an experienced developer or maintainer who wants to help people take their first steps in open source this Hacktoberfest, the Helpdesk is a great opportunity. We’ll have guest slots available on our show throughout the month, as well as other opportunities to connect directly with developers to help them make the most of Hacktoberfest. Fill out the form below to express your interest.